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Gypsy scales

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22 Jan 2006 05:56 | Quote
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I usually put a major I-IV-V chord progression with it's IV minor pentatonic scale ie G-C-D Em pentatonic scale. If I want to utilize Spanish/Gypsy scales what chords or chord progression do I use for a spanish folk/flamenco sound?
9 Feb 2006 00:47 | Quote
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the chords that all into the scale. im about to go to sleep so ill get back on this post tomaro....
23 Feb 2006 21:19 | Quote
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ya i play spanish gypsy scales in E and i play some different E chords. E to F Em Am Dm i can get lost in that place for hours. playing the same scale the spanish gypsy E on the first pattern occasionally moving up , and throw in some chords with little appregiosthen back to the scale. any way i am a begginner so i dont want to talk like i know my shit just yet.

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