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tube amps

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20 Jan 2008 13:12 | Quote
United States
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hey people-
hows it going? im looking into getting a amplifier and ive been leaning towards a tube amp, but i dont know all that much about it. ive read many good reviews when comparing a tube to a solid state, and if im gonna get an amp, i would like to get a good one from the start. if any one owns a tube amp or has any advice about tube amps, please feel free to write.
20 Jan 2008 13:51 | Quote
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Yeah I've heard they are really really good. i think I've played ona Fender one a few months ago it sounded pretty nice.

Try it out in the store for yourself and see what *you* think of it
20 Jan 2008 15:30 | Quote
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It's all preferance really, but tube amps have a better reputation amongst guitarists. Obviously certain tube amps are better than others... but you'll need tp list your style, influences and other information before people can help you with the specifics.

Good luck on finding a nice amp though.
20 Jan 2008 21:48 | Quote
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I have had the opportunity to baby sit my bothers Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tube amp over the last 6 moths or so while he was having his house remodeled.

I have never been an amp guy, i use a solid state bass amp that i run effects through and call that good. But after my tube amp extension, i cant go back. I can't do it.

I had to give the amp back and now I'm looking. Keep in mind that the tube amps cost more that solid state amps. they are also louder when comparing them.

My brothers Fender amp was 40 Watts and i never ran it full to 10. my bass amp is 100 Watts and i have turned it up full many times.

my thoughts are that i need a 30-50 watt tube amp to play with drums. I have been looking at Crates V series amps, Peavey Valve King, or Fender Hot Rod Series.
20 Jan 2008 22:36 | Quote
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like doz said, its all about preference. with me, it really just depends on my mood. some days im in the tube kinda sound, others...not so much. I have two solid state amps and love them both. although, i did play a small marshall 100watt tube the other day and it sounded pretty sweet. you really just gotta grab an amp, mess around with it and decide for yourself.

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