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electric guitar advice

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21 Jan 2006 15:09 | Quote
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I find it hard to get great sound with the amplifier. I've owned the guitar for one year now and I still haven't found out how to play. Do you know some useful books, so tell me.
6 Mar 2006 13:12 | Quote
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ok dillen bad idea to look at books they just confuse you find websites that explain how you play chords and maybe even have sounds on the page so you can hear what the chord should sound like... The amplifier can sound crap if you don't know how to work it, but there should be a manual that tells you how to work it so you can get the sound you want.
Good Luck!
7 Mar 2006 21:28 | Quote
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You've started on your everlasting quest for sound huh, what amp do you have, guitar? Alot of the it comes from the guitar alot from the amp. Go to a sam ash and try out an amp and fiddle with the settings. I personally like my mid settings low and my bass settings high, to me it gives a fuller tone but i have friends who use theirs the exact opposite its what you like to hear a guitar sound like. You can get some pretty nice combo amps with killer sound for 700$ or under some for even 430$. Try a line 6, I own a marshall but I heard a line 6 and i love the tone itll probably be my next amp.
10 Mar 2006 13:52 | Quote
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I have a morgan guitar and my amplifier is an ibanez. Both guitar and amplifier cost something about 240$. I'll check the manual.
I don*t own something better cause I'm a beginer.
21 Mar 2006 14:21 | Quote
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if you want a good guitar and amp, fender hot rod deluxe(or if you want more headroom and volume, but for more money, a deville)they're about 500 new. buy a guitar that suits your needs. i.e. a humbucking guitar for harder rock.
6 Apr 2006 07:17 | Quote
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practice, practice, practice

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