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Paradise City by Guns and roses please only answer if you can play it

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12 Jan 2008 11:45 | Quote
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Just a few questions about Paradise City by Guns and roses please only answer if you can play it as I had a go today and stuck on a couple of things

1 is it standard tuning just that when I played it I sound out of tune

2. I have included a picture (example 1) so you can help. Is this possible to play with a pick or was slash using his fingers and pick

Example 1

Same as the above question was it picked or did he use his fingers

Many thanks for your time and help as always. I thought I it a bash today but got stuck on two examples I have enclosed.

12 Jan 2008 14:17 | Quote
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hummmm, haven't played this one in years, but if I remember correctly the guitar should be tuned half step down for this song.
as for the picking part...I'd say he used a pick. At least on the first part anyways(which is an intro, right?).
12 Jan 2008 15:04 | Quote
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You can play it with a pick, or use Hybrid Picking (pick and fingers) either way works.
As for tuning it is down 1/2 step
14 Jan 2008 22:33 | Quote
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Yes the song is tuned half a step down. I was in a guitar class where we played a Guns n' Roses song. I remember making a beautifully dissonant Sweet Child o' Mine by get my friends to play the main riff a few frets up or below what as written. Pretty much that's what your hearing when you play in standard while the song is recorded half a step down. I think my teach was laughing... on the inside.

I would say use a pick unless the playing sounds "dull" where he might be using his fingers and a pick. If two notes strings apart are played, it's Hybrid picking (using a pick and fingers to pick). The song seems to be picked though, so stick with the pick unless you wish to work out finger picking.

Enjoy the song!
18 Jan 2008 08:15 | Quote
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Definitely use a pick. There is no hybrid picking: just work on your alternate picking. It is really important to be able to do that kind of picking because it makes your playing sound much more enjoyable: it's not as dull ^.^

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