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Two questions. Rake & sweep picking

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11 Jan 2008 18:44 | Quote
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just a couple of questions

Herd someone mentioning rake? I thought it was used in the garden not on my guitar. How do I carry out this?

Sweeping now am I right in saying that you play arpeggio say for example G major arpeggio and pick each note downward and the last note on the up stroke.

If you have posted a lesson on sweeping can you please give me a link so I can understand how to do them. Just that I have never used this technique and would be another arsenal in my guitar playing.

Many thanks

11 Jan 2008 19:53 | Quote
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That was me i believe. raking is a technique i picked up from watching a joe satriani video. it's pretty much a cheat sweep. it is exactly as it sounds. you rake your pick across the strings very much like sweeping except that you really dig in to get a chunky sound. i use to it to add flavor to my power chords like so:


there is only a subtle difference between raking and sweeping but, excuse the oxymoron, the subtlety is huge.
11 Jan 2008 20:57 | Quote
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Raking is where you "sweep" across muted strings before playing a note.

E ----12~----|
B ---x-------|
G --x--------|
D -x---------|
A -----------|
E -----------|
12 Jan 2008 06:30 | Quote
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Thanks you both for your help. I have started some rakes and wow they are chunky even when I messing around with some blues. Cheers
12 Jan 2008 11:38 | Quote
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blackholesun got it, but just to add - they're muted with your finger (not palm muted).

Sweeping is usually playing arpeggios with one note per string with one downward motion (but only letting one note ring at a time). It's optional to have two notes on the first and last string you play. Then you could choose to sweep back up.

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