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Fretting Hand Trouble

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8 Jan 2008 17:33 | Quote
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Ok...i've been playing guitar for a couple years now. Recently I started 2 feel some slight pain in my fretting hand. The pain is not as bad now, however when I try to play a scale or play a barre chord my left hand locks and i feel a little pain. The locking sensation doesn't allow me to complete a scale or even a barre chord. What should i do? Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I see a doctor? I would hate to cause permanent damage.

Any ideas?

8 Jan 2008 20:28 | Quote
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How old are you ?

Just last week or 2 weeks ago my fretting hand hurt like hell when I played guitar and guitar Hero.

It hurt especially when i stretched it, I think that was why - stretches. I am 12 years old, i was playing for 2 years as well.
In just a few days (maybe 2-4 days) my hand was all better and I could play regularly again. Give it another 2-4 days and see what happens. If it is not better then you might wanna see the doctor about it !

Good Luck !
10 Jan 2008 18:40 | Quote
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Hi gang. Was going to bed when I read this posting so I thought I will help you both out

The problem may be cause by bad posture of your body are you sitting on your bed or in a computer chair both can do more harm than good as you will crunch up like a ball.

Keeping your playing as relax as possible is the key not to cause all the RSI respective strain injury and stretching to far as your fingers are still developing is not a good thing best to try around the 12th fret for such things until you can go from 3 to 7 also keeping you thumb in the middle is a good idea.

Relaxing and sitting comfortable taking brakes and also a common factor is many of you guitar players hold your breathe like you are going under water. Remember to breathe this will help and if you feel any ache or discomfort then stop have a gentle stretch and go for a cuppa.

As for see your doctor if you are in any pain (which is muscle pain) then you should seek advice. Over the years I mange to bust my shoulder in by tensing up and bad playing practise but I am self taught and forgot what the hell it was to relax when playing until a kind person pointed out that before long I will hurt so much and ache that I wish I never had a guitar. But, if you think you have what I had then go straight away and don't believe the doctor if he says nothing can be done it can such as Physiotherapy and yes the best person I found although very costly is the osteopath are great as well. By the way I point out I am no doctor at all. What a lot of guitar players forget also is later on in your life you may also get arthritis due over use of the fingers and wrist but only good playing practise will sort that out.

Sorry for putting such a downer but this happens

Ask yourself and tell yourself tips

am I relaxed when playing

Am I sitting correctly and comfortable (use your strap I found that this helps me keeps the guitar right position for my playing)

Is my strap too low to the ground like slash or is it the correct height for me

Do I need a brake? the more you sit in one position the more your body locks up so take a break the pro's did and do to this day

And remember if you are in any pain that last for longer than normal seek medical advice

Simon (sorry for my grammar and English)
12 Jan 2008 00:58 | Quote
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Thanks simon...i really appreciate it

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