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28 Dec 2007 17:55 | Quote
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hey people-
i was wondering if theres any one who plays bebop? ive heard this one guy playing all over the bebop scale over some minor 7 chord and it sounded fantastic. theres such a jazzy sound to that scale. ive been trying to get in to the minor bebop and i was wondering if anyone had some pointers about this scale or some good sounding chords to go with the bebop minor scale. is there more sliding then bending when it comes to this style? thanks people.
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i use the "bebop" scale to add texture when im playing blues. its more about feel than anything, but i guess most music is like that hehe. best advice i can give, is just get in the groove, cause if you're not in the groove you'll just waste your time sounding terrible.
31 Dec 2007 20:48 | Quote
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A really useful thing about the bebop scale is that it contains 8 notes rather than 7. This gives you the ability to have chord tones on the downbeats, for example:

E 8-7-6-5-------5-|----------------|
B --------8---6---|8-6-5-----------|
G ----------7-----|------7-5-4-3---|
D ----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|
E ----------------|----------------|
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

Having chord tones on the downbeats helps to give your jazz licks a neverending feel. For more info check out

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