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14 Dec 2007 18:17 | Quote
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Hi Everyone,

What can I do about the grooves in my fingers, they have gotten so deep that when I try to pull off a string it somestimes catches it, and rings that string, any suggestions would be great, thanks for your help.

14 Dec 2007 20:34 | Quote
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Well i dont know what strings your usings and how long you've been playing but my opinion is that try using lite strings and i am guessing that your using a acoustic,but pressing hard on the strings is not what you want it slows your finger movement,you also can try Finger ease on the strings(spray or clothe)it will help with the drag.
Time will also make the grove's go away.There are so many ways i allmost could write a book,I hope this helped you.
14 Dec 2007 23:34 | Quote
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agreed. the harder you press the harder it is to play. as you build calluses on your fingers the grooves will go away...
15 Dec 2007 15:50 | Quote
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Thanks for the help guys, i appreciate it very much

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