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GT magazine load of cow pat

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13 Dec 2007 18:45 | Quote
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Now then all

Been a while since I was on so I thought I drop by and say a BIG HELLO

Okay! Had anyone bought GT (Guitar Techniques) this issue. In the readers letters a person said that why do you not have any transcriptions of music. Reply was cost too much. I can remember when GT had a load of music but as far as I am concern the magazine has gone down hill, with hardly any metal at all, or solid advice and help all you get is a coupe of pages of how to play this even the metal tab is not worth it.

GT in the 90's yes that far back was a great magazine and great advice. I have all the copies until 2005 was my last one I bought. So I thought I take a look at the magazine today and I thought what a big pile of sh**. Someone may disagree that fine some may agree with me. Anyway a talking point

I find online help and advice much better how others musicians help each other is nice to see. Who needs a mag?

21 Dec 2007 00:30 | Quote
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Yeah online help is better just come here.
I have the November issue I only bought it cause my guitar teacher had it and it had a speed lesson in it I was interested in. I like Guitar World better at least they actually have tabs..

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