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Music Theory
19 Jun 2016 06:40 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jun 2016
I believe musical chords such as a,e,d can be used as triads. Correction needed. Would A shaped 002220 be an A chord? Then be a 003330 B and 004440 a C chord? Same with the E D shaped center root chords?
22 Jun 2016 20:45 | Quote
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Yes I would call a 002220 an A/E chord, assuming it's in a guitar tab form. If it were in a guitar chord chart it would be maybe 00222 or 001230. I don't quite understand the next part of your question, as you brought in one too many enharmonic notes for a 003330. An 004440 I would call a B11/E but that's just my opinion. Yes you can build chords in the same shape as an A/E chord.

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