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Ugh... Again...

17 Nov 2007 17:38 | Quote
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Ok, i swear this will be my last question for the day.

I have a question for chords like C#/Db Major. On fret 9, it goes from end to end, or e to e, so i should probably hold all of those strings with one finger, right? I have watched some videos, and I just wanted to be careful about this...
17 Nov 2007 18:14 | Quote
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It goes from e string to e string (the actual notes C#/Db - same notes).

Yeah, you hold your first finger down on all of them and then add the other fingers on after.

Also, post away - that's what these forums are here for. I personally enjoy being able to help people when I can so it doesnt bother me.
17 Nov 2007 18:41 | Quote
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thanks for helping ^_^

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