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Chords for the song

23 Dec 2014 23:56 | Quote
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can anyone please tell me the chords for this song. Here is the link " "
FYI: I am totally a starter so please be elaborative
28 Dec 2014 12:20 | Quote
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I would start with a tool like this or get a chord book to look up the chords. When it scrolls over a chord like Cm, find the C minor chord and strum it until the next chord comes along.

for that tune i would use these.

Hope that helps
17 Oct 2015 06:18 | Quote
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Sorry for late reply, i analysed the official orginal song found in tube and found next chords.

Cm amd Bb. The only chords in the whole song starting with Cm. Cm is played from 2nd fret.

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