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My Ears and scales

Music Theory
16 Oct 2007 08:47 | Quote
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First my English is not that flash so if I made error or if it reads like one long pile of goof then it is. lol Enjoy

Hello thought I might as well share some ideas that has help me to become a much better guitarist and much better at listening. So lets get on with some smacking shall we?

Scales yes I know what you are thinking not another let me show you how a scale works. Well it sort of yes but it fun away to listen to the scale.

First tape yourself playing a chord for this example I have chosen D minor or you can play a power chord up to you. Play the chord down stroke once let it ring out and count 1,2,3,4 and play a up stroke counting 1,2,3,4 this do this a few times.

Now for the fun. now play the recording of the D chords that you did and now play the D Blues Scale. Notice how the notes fit but gives it more spice. Now try D Dorian have you notice how the tone has changed? Next and last one is my favourite Why? Its one mean scale when played right is the D Phrygian more Spanish and yet you can solo easy over it when playing mental or rock. Don't be worried if you can not play a scale fast and make a note scream I am not after that. You have to play the note for not slow or moderate speed and listen to how it sounds against the D chord.

I do not want to make the lesson too boring for you but will give you some advice

Playing scales up and down in the same pattern becomes boring you get stuck in the rut and hard it get away from. This lesson you can mix it up try and find out which scale you like playing against the D chord is it Dorian, Phrygian or D blues or even yes even Aeolian Scale. I trick you that time. Lets see Aeolian you work out that scale for yourself is it a minor or major scale? Will it fit with the D chord? Will it sound dark and spooky? You decide

Well I hope that this will help you developed your ear training listing can be the best way of learning something different and will make you a much better player. Don't worry if you make mistakes so long as you learn and its fun which music has to be. Try different chords see if they fit. You may want to try A major or even C Minor it up to you. Remember listen to the scale fits around the chord and what changes did the scale make did it sound like you change chord (but you did not) did the scale make things just rubbish sound out of place or was it just rock? Best music I found that did sound that a chord change was the very beginning of Guns and Roses Sweet Child Of Mine listen to the riff and the chords at the beginning.

Enjoy and I hope you like my little lesson tip

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