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whats a good guitar for some1 who has been playing guitar 4 a year and

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4 Jan 2006 17:22 | Quote
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just name em
4 Jan 2006 17:51 | Quote
United States
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19 Jan 2006 10:27 | Quote
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Ashbury (acoustic) - Pretty, pretty sound

Fender Stratocaster (electric) - Incredibly versatile

21 Jan 2006 15:11 | Quote
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go to a instrumental store and ask them for some advice
21 Jan 2006 15:12 | Quote
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I have played in seven years now and I'm also going to buy a new one so I want some advice.
21 Feb 2006 04:13 | Quote
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i like washburn the best, they have a richer sound or fender, they are both good
6 Mar 2006 12:43 | Quote
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probably not a fender they are quite dear and only advanced players usually own them
8 Mar 2006 15:31 | Quote
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it depends on what type of guitar you like and what sort of music your going to be playing. if you like light bodied guitars get somthing like a strat if you like heavybody guitars get somthing like a les paul
20 Mar 2006 11:16 | Quote
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well man... its up to how you play... if you find your playing allot of solo runs, or basic power chords, you will want a guitar that suports that well, so youll want to stay away from acoustics with thick strings, high above the fretboard...stick to the electrics, and obviously, im going to tell you to go ibanez... but thats my opinion, im sure theres allot of people here who will dissagree because they have different opinions, but the price range is sort of low, but the quality is get your money's worth in it...if your a chord based player, get a classic acoustic, make, with tough strings to handle the heavy strumming...yamaha's got a good line up as far as they go...there cheap, and work well...decent sound...but one thing i stress, is to save up and buy a guitar that will suit you in the years to come... yo dont want to buy a guitar that you will be too advanced for in a couple of years...
20 Mar 2006 11:19 | Quote
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oh, by the way...if you do both well and want the best of both worlds, get a my opinion, there about the best choice to go with... you get both acoustic playability and smooth electric quality...
21 Mar 2006 14:03 | Quote
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fender mim strat or tele's are good guitars, ibanez artcores are alright. if you want a stunning guitar get a high doller gretsch, they play, sound, and look fantastic. wht ind of amp do you have? that might be in need of upgradeing aswell.
6 Apr 2006 21:48 | Quote
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To tell you the truth, you can get opinions from all different kinds of people about what guitars sound good?! But the truth is you should go check out a guitar store browse through several guitars and choose the one that best fits your size, feel, and what sounds good to you. You need what fits you best, not what fits someone else best.
1 Aug 2006 01:35 | Quote
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1 Aug 2006 03:52 | Quote
United Kingdom
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Hay i think that fenders are very very very giutars i have one my self and its 10/10.
(thats a strat by the way)

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