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Fusing Jazz into Progressive Rock

Music Theory
15 Sep 2007 20:52 | Quote
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I was wondering where I can find more information on jazz theory. I play progressive rock, and I wanted to infuse jazz lines in the solos. Is there anywhere I can look in particular? Or perhaps is there a scale I should grow familiar with to get me going? Any help will be a great help. Thanks!
15 Sep 2007 22:21 | Quote
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my dad has played jazz all his life and i have been playin jazz for little while now...two scales that you MUST know: harmonic and melodic minor....also make sure you know all your major scales....lots of dom7th chords and weird inversions....also, with jazz you gotta think "outside the box". meaning, when you are soloing for example, try to play something that complements every chord in your rhythm. hope ive help a bit.....rock on.....
16 Sep 2007 08:34 | Quote
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On this site go onto 'Links' then 'Jazz'. There are two good sites that come up that I've found helpful with the basics of jazz theory/composition.

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