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Ending a Solo on a Lower or Higher Octave?

14 May 2013 02:40 | Quote
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I guess it would depend on how you personally want the song to be structured, but I feel like it's just more natural to bring it back to the lower end when finishing off a solo.

How do you feel about this?
14 May 2013 09:54 | Quote
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Don't limit yourself in this way. Just let your feel guide you. Of course, you should follow certain "rules", but I wouldn't think it is worth always ending on the lower octave or always higher. Think about how many solos, especially in rock, end in the higher range. Whereas a ballad may prefer to finish lower. I mean, not trying to sound like a hippy or anything, but just the solo come out of the moment ya know? Feel the solo and play it.
22 May 2013 20:27 | Quote
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I write my solos notes at a time so that as many of each and every note possible flows and/or harmonizes. That's just me. The octave isn't important in my world. I'm very untraditional, however. Take it with a grain of salt.
28 May 2013 20:25 | Quote
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Always depends on the context, but if im constructing a jam and im the soloist i like to start small and end small with a big climb in the middle, This can be done in SO many different ways, but definitely hitting higher notes when you want to raise the energy and climax the solo is one common way, but with music you can do ANYTHING...ANYTHING!!!
10 Jun 2013 14:19 | Quote
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You have to FEEL the melody and just see where it takes you. Music is about expression and feeling. Try not to think of it so logically. Well, logically you should know the scales and key you are in, but feel where the solo should go. I hope this helps.

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