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30 Dec 2005 15:27 | Quote
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Im a novice (4days!) and my fingers hurt. So, is this normal, will they harden, or am I pressing too hard? thx
30 Dec 2005 20:35 | Quote
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completely normal, caluses will build up and it wont hurt any more, just keep playing...
17 Jan 2006 10:57 | Quote
Joined: way back
ive been playing for a while, and my caluses dont stop the pain. im thinking about super glueing my finger tips! my fingers are all kinds of chewed up. ive been taking a lighter to them and everything, but the pain will not stop. by the way im playing an acustic, and have to press realy hard on the strings. not like the electric guitar where the strings are just above the frets.
17 Jan 2006 20:04 | Quote
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I love finger pain!

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