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24 Aug 2007 15:42 | Quote
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Ei guys!!!! good day to all of you!!! ^^ hehe it's been a long time since i've logged in my account here...I miss this site..!!! ^^ uhm...just wanna ask if you have any band that play like carlos santana's genre...i don't really know that genre..i just want to be familiar with other genres aside from blues and metals... thanks guys!!! keep rockin'!!! ^^ ;p
25 Aug 2007 06:41 | Quote
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I'm sure this comes under Music and Bands... I'm a sure it's pointless to have seperate forums if nobody bothers... ;)
25 Aug 2007 14:22 | Quote
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Hey Doz,
there must be a moderator panel on this page bottom. If not... logOut and then LogIn.

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