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This may sound stupid, but...I want to name my guitars

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16 Sep 2012 12:11 | Quote
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United States
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I really want to name my guitars. Unfortunately, I am unable to upload pictures right now so here are some pictures I uploaded earlier- (somewhere on that page)!/EatSleepMusic/media/slideshow?

I really love both of these guitars. I'm going for something cool. Any suggestions?

PS They mean a lot to me.
19 Sep 2012 20:22 | Quote
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You shouldnt ask this when Empirism is around XD...

Looking acoustic...

- blackberry
- Egomaniac pulsator
- Mellow bride
- Kirillian

Looking electric....

- Limbo
- rudy
- El Nino
- Pirate

... ... Emp... always something else...

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