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Acoustic solos

5 Sep 2012 17:08 | Quote
Joined: 16 May 2012
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Hi guys, I would like of you to suggest me some songs that has an acoustic solo in it or mostly soloing song, not a real hard one I'm not that experienced yet :)
16 Oct 2012 07:25 | Quote
Joined: 16 Oct 2012
United States
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You can do the Solo in the song Layla by Eric Clapton. If you go to the website I am including in here it is a video lesson on how to play it.

Let me know how it goes!!

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5 Feb 2013 04:22 | Quote
Joined: 04 Feb 2013
This is umphrey's Mcgee, in my opinion great acoustic work in this song. Hope you enjoy

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