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Meaningful Lyrics

26 Jun 2012 15:21 | Quote
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I wrote this out of purely how I felt. Your honest opinions would mean a lot to me :)

My head couldn't explain how my heart felt that night
All I could give you were words
When all I wanted to do was hold you tight

I don't think you know how much I care
How much I wanted to be there
Just telling you is never enough 
And showing you I'd just be halfway there.

Those sweet lips 
That spilt such sour words
I didn't understand at first
All i knew was that you needed to be heard

And those warm brown eyes 
I didn't know they had so much to hide
I just knew they were beautiful
I didn't  know how much they cried

But We seem to forget during the day
It's like the sun soaks up the pain
At night we lie awake in our beds
Just Waiting for the sun to save us again

I just wanna be there for you,
Be there like no one else has
There's a lot more things that I want to say
But really I just want to make your everyday a wonderful day.
26 Jun 2012 18:02 | Quote
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I like it, good job :)

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