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Guitar Tuning?

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22 Jun 2012 12:33 | Quote
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Why is my guitar on whole step down or half step down sounding so much better than on standard? Did I tune the standard way too high pitched?

PS: I've got no tuners around, I only use internet ones.
23 Jun 2012 11:57 | Quote
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because it just sound better :D...many artist use different tunings to get a different mood to sogs, like "Drop C#" or more likely "Drop Db" (Jazzy is darn strict of those terms and she is goin to strangle me if I dont mention them..:D.) Some of Alice In Chains songs use that tuning. Listen forexample Them Bones or We die young... use that tuning.

also disturbed, avenged sevenfolds and linking park have used this tuning on their song and many others... for a reason, IT SOUND GOOD :D.

In your case it's not just the tuning because it may have only some strings on one tuning, but it may sound a bit better on some cases, like check the tuning Drop A or D standard variation - A-G-C-F-A-D... and compare that to "standard tuning" you may find it out.

hope this helps :)


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