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14 Jun 2012 02:22 | Quote
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I'm buying an electic guitar jackson randy rhoads, i already choose the guitar , but the problem now is how to make sure that the guitar is okay, tips about frets, tunings , i mean what things to check in the guitar ?
14 Jun 2012 06:03 | Quote
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just try it out and check if everything is working as supposed to (electronics etc...) and more important, how does it sound and how does it feel/play.
14 Jun 2012 08:23 | Quote
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Ok man i know , now what are the everything i will check .......?
14 Jun 2012 14:31 | Quote
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Buying a guitar is similar to buying anything else of value. You want to make sure your product is OK and you are completely satisfied.

Looks for dents, scrapes and scratches. Ask if you can pop open the back cover and take a peek at the electronics. Play the instrument to ensure proper action - ask them to make any adjustments then and there. Make sure the tuning pegs are authentic and screw are in tight. run your finger along the sides of the fretboard - If at anytime you say, "ow", because a fret cut at your finger, ask them to sand it down for you.

But all that is mostly unnecessary. Most guitars, if bought from a reputable source, i.e. Guitar Center, Sam Ash or Musicians Friend, will come in tip-top shape and with some form of warranty.

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