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The Jazzy Blues Funker (a improvised solo.)

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10 Jun 2012 21:00 | Quote
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Ive read and answered some of your threads about improvising and jamming. Thats very fun and interessting and one of my great intrests and hobbys - to do a vamp/groove in my little hobbystudio and then do some improvising that fit the progression.

This is a youtube-link to an video whit a improvisation (one take) I did last year, using one of my favourites - the japanse Taishikocha - scale amongs others scales used over this progression. That scale sound smooth jazz and are nice to use for improvising rather than an ordinary ionian-scale.

The title will sort of explain that the progression/song I play the improvisation over really is an ordinary 12 bar blues in Cmajor played in a kind of funky way/style. It goes on and on the whole improvisation through. Jazzy because its an improvisation.

I myself think that this improvisation turned out well and Ill hope you like it too.

Please-feel free to comment this tune of mine. Critics and feedback are interessting for to remember your advices and critics when Ill make my future projects. Ill try to listen and comment your songs in time Ill hear them (when xploring this forum) and have something to say about them.

Here is the link:

(could somebody write a PM to me and describe how I get the video posted in thread instead of a link ????)


15 Jun 2012 13:53 | Quote
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Here you go:

Look under the video
Click Share
Click Embed
Make sure to √ the "Use Old Embed Code"
Click inside the box
Ensure everything is highlighted and press Ctrl+C
In the thread on this site, press Ctrl+V

Done and done.

Rock on!
16 Jun 2012 03:53 | Quote
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What I heard couple your tunes I definately think you are good guitarist and chances are that you are becoming great. One thing in your playing is that your melodic lines and note changes are really interesting, I dun know are they planned or "scale run" but it sound really interesting and keep the listener "focused".

So dont get me wrong, this is a "constructive" writing.

Your jam is for me atleast too "full" or "too stuffed" there are imo too few rythmic hooks to carry those very good melodic lines, I think you could focus on your phrasing techniques. One good trick that I like is "question and answer" technique.

Like if you watch

Cornell Dupree playing, he focus much to rhythmic "groove" and vary his rhytmic phrasing from relaxed groove to fast licks that you are too cabable of. I think this point is crucial to you internalize to develop your playing even more interesting and way to big stages man, because I really think you have requisites to do so.

Good job, I really look forward to more stuff.

PS, pay attention to Steve Gadd's Impressive drum performance :)
16 Jun 2012 12:33 | Quote
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Thanx,Guitarslinger & Emp.
I am going to listen moore to Cornell Dupree -its really good music.
I dont have any chanse or ambitions to getting famous - theres a lot of better guitarplayers in the que....
But I like the advices.....
Going to try to do some recording to your "collage"collab song now, then Im going to listen to the music of this forum tonight. It will be exiting to do....


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