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When is the first time you touched a guitar ?

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8 Jun 2012 15:18 | Quote
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Me i remember i fist touched an acoustic gibson firebird guitar it was bought from the Philipiens and i was about 7 years or something, it wasn't bought for me anyway it was bought for my elder sister but she didn't learn to play guitar anyway
18 Jun 2012 07:11 | Quote
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I was also seven and I tried to play acoustic guitar in lessons in school. But I didnt like to play efter notes and every song sounded lika Tom Dooley. So I quit taken lessons. Now Im happy for every good lesson I get and advices and facts about music theory and techniques to play and do the thing in reality...

20 Jun 2012 20:08 | Quote
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United States
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I first touched an acoustic guitar when I was 11 or, to be more precise, when I joined the keyboard club at school. They were always 'hanging around' in the school's keyboard room. IDK why though. Guitar class has its own room.

Didn't start learning till I was 13 though.

I first touched an electric guitar when me and my guitar class friends (outside school) had to practice to perform in my first gig (when I was 13). It was this really cool dark blue guitar with an awesome shape. Kinda like the one in William's pic :)

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