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Starting on an Electric

Instruments and Gear
24 May 2012 07:58 | Quote
Joined: 16 May 2012
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I decided to start out playing electric guitar rather than acoustic, so I've done some researches and found a pretty good guitar package for starters (ESP LTD).

Here's the link for full package:

It contains :

LTD M-10 guitar
ESP-10W practice amp
10', 1/4" cable
Electronic tuner
Soft shell gig bag
Guitar strap

I pretty much like the guitar but I'm no so sure about the amp, here's a preview of the guitar itself (I don't know what amp he's using):

It sounds pretty good to me, and the price is also really good. Not to mention the shape and color xD.. what do you think guys?
I'm mostly gonna play Metal on it, sometimes clean too, I like clean tones lol.
26 May 2012 13:06 | Quote
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Sounds good dude. I'm not much a fan of starter packs, however, they are cheap, easy to come by and serve they're purpose. I do love my ESP's though.

Good luck.

Rock on!
28 May 2012 14:03 | Quote
Joined: 16 May 2012
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Thanks for the feedback :)

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