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Having Trouble...

27 Jul 2007 14:57 | Quote
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Hello, I am new to playing the guitar and I am having a problem...

The problem is I have learned 3 Chords and I am having trouble in the transition of switching chords. It takes longer than I would hope and is kills the tune Im playing any tips anyone?
27 Jul 2007 17:49 | Quote
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Well, just practice. It sounds naff but in the long term it is the only way. Don't spend a lot of time playing the chords (just strumming an A, for example) - practise switching between them, until you can do it fluidly. A good tip I suppose to get round it would be just strumming some or all the strings open, or a muted strum, on the last beat before a chord change. So if you're playing 8 strums of each chord it would go A A A A A A A x D D D D D D D x etc. Try learning other chords as well though, especially barre chords. It takes a while to get the strength in your fingers required to fret all 6 strings with your index finger, but once you can do it, it makes life a lot easier. But don't get into the trap of just playing barre chords though once you can do them.

28 Jul 2007 10:12 | Quote
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Ok Thanks

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