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cant open guitar rig under pro tools???

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26 Jul 2007 12:59 | Quote
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I cant open guitar rig under pro tools anymore. i use to be able to go to pro tools and go to harmonic under audiosuite and guitar rig would open under pro tools now the only way i can open guitar rig while pro tools is working is by pressing the shortcut CTRL + and then add guitar rig but the problem with that is that when you open to many guitar rigs under your audios or whatever you name them the sound just messes up and all you hear is crackling and im guessing all kinds of dangerous noises coming out of my speakers. I recently uninstalled guitar rig and pro tools because i was having a problem i was able to open guitar rig under harmonic but now when i reinstalled everything i cant open guitar rig under harmonin. NEED HELP PLEASE! ANY SUGGESTIONS???
1 Jul 2008 23:31 | Quote
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ive had problems with guitar rig also.
2 Jul 2008 08:23 | Quote
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If you dont find solution, try Cubase SX and effect Amblitube 2. i used guitar rig under Cubase, but i didnt encounter any problems. But i didnt liked sound of it.

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