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Iceman vs. Fireman

Instruments and Gear
3 Mar 2012 10:57 | Quote
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I've been pretty interested in hopefully getting one of these guitars soon. The fireman is finally 899 to buy so Its not impossible to get. Which one? =/
3 Mar 2012 11:05 | Quote
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Iceman. I will always choose an Iceman.
Fireman's are okay, but I don't like Paul Gilbert's tone. So I probably wouldn't like the guitar he designed. I don't mind the look of them, but I wouldn't buy a $900 guitar just to want to switch out the pickups.

Icemans are good If you like hard rock in metal. But I'd also want to switch out the pickups (Seeing that I don't play as much metal as I used to). But if your a metal/hard rock guy. Go with the Iceman.
3 Mar 2012 14:41 | Quote
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I didn't even know his guitar was called a Fireman:

I agree with Dark Riff though. I like the Iceman:

3 Mar 2012 15:38 | Quote
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Iceman +3
4 Mar 2012 11:53 | Quote
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iceman def

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