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Indian music ! (raga)

16 Feb 2012 14:00 | Quote
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can you tell me something about indian music , modes , tabs ... I am really interested in knowing some oriental music !!!!
16 Feb 2012 14:36 | Quote
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Lots of micro tones.quarter tone bends in your scales.
Prettyy much any scale will work but harmonic minor and other
ethnic sounding scales. Also a droning pedal tone over your melody
works too.
10 Jun 2012 11:55 | Quote
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Try to work whit the 5 th mode of Melodic minor , its called the Hindu.
Play the emlodies in the same way upp as going back down...Then check out the scales named as Hindustan and play the melodies after the same pattern.
Then youll have the tradtitional basic of a raga in your pocket whit western/european terms exept for the traditional rythms.
The traditional Indian tone sytem are very different from the classical/modal western/european system and I feel that if you learn the raga rythm of the tablas ( one sort of the Indian trad. drums) and mix it whit, lets say 4/4 you can do great music in world fusion style..


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