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2 guitar part songs

21 Jan 2012 09:40 | Quote
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I'm teaching my lil brother guitar and I was wondering are there any easy beginer songs with 2 parts so we could play together. It might encourage him to be more enthasuastic.
21 Jan 2012 10:07 | Quote
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Not sure if your playing acoustic or electric or style it might help. pretty much anything can be arranged for 2 guitars. Check out some crosby still nash and young and greatful dead

21 Jan 2012 15:04 | Quote
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heart and soul.
21 Jan 2012 19:54 | Quote
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You got another thing comIn' By judas priest
22 Jan 2012 08:03 | Quote
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Thanks, I'll have a look at some of these.
22 Jan 2012 09:05 | Quote
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gulp,gulp,nobody mentioned Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here...and this was supposed to be a guitar forum? :P
22 Jan 2012 09:11 | Quote
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"Wish You Were Here" isn't likely to be considered for a beginner I wouldn't think.
22 Jan 2012 11:02 | Quote
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@btimm: Why? It has a slow tempo, very basic chord progression,easy strumming pattern and minimalistic yet memorable melody line.Take away Gilmour's expressive guitar playing style and it'll suit the purpuse perfectly.
23 Jan 2012 15:14 | Quote
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devilchild says:
easy beginer songs with 2 parts

Are you thinking of teaching rhythym type strumming or do you think he'll like lead melodies better? Either way, you could play the other part of any song if you split the duties like that.
23 Jan 2012 15:29 | Quote
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Any song from Green day's earlier albums. They rock!

*Now you say..."What! it have one guitarist stupid!... ha, its the whole point*
2 Feb 2012 16:55 | Quote
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staind "outside" is a good two guitar part song especially for a beginner the acoustic part is really simple and the lead is slow,

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