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Split Chord

Music Theory
17 Jul 2007 09:59 | Quote
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i was looking at tab by elliott smith, king's crossing. anyway, i saw a chord on there i didnt know how to play. its B/Am. i looked on this site and online and i cant find it. thanks. matt
17 Jul 2007 11:22 | Quote
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I think normally they write it the other way round: Am/B (???),
and it means it's an A minor chord with a B note in the bass,,
17 Jul 2007 16:07 | Quote
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Yeah I think paerdeveygh is right here. I haven't got a clue how you would play a B/Am chord. In a split chord it's the chord that is written first followed by the bass note. Just try it as an Am/B and see if it sounds right! I'd be interested to see if it works, or if B/Am does actually mean something different!

Take it easy,
19 Jul 2007 03:30 | Quote
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I've seen this chord written from the other end several times. Turned out it's just Am/B.
29 Sep 2007 15:54 | Quote
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yup it is am/b playin am chord wiht bass on the b note (play Am and also add the B note in a lower string like in the 5th string and 2nd fret.. what i said was.. insted of playin Am usin A as root in the 5th string play B there and the rest of the chord a u playit normaly) excuse my english

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