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dean or ovation?

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16 Jul 2007 14:32 | Quote
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i'm about to buy a acoustic-electric guitar. and i saw this Dean guitar that was sweet. but i also kind of want a ovation. Which one is better. and has more of a better sound?
16 Jul 2007 16:05 | Quote
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I'm sure that for people to answer you're going to have to give the names of specific guitars... not just the brand. Don't you know the model names of them both?
19 Jul 2007 10:05 | Quote
United States
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I've never played either for any length of time but know that I have heard great sounds from a very high end ovation and it made an impression on me. It sounds lame but Tome Lane (former guitarists for Amy Grant) rips his Ovation to shreds and sounds great acoustic or electric. I'm sure he could make a first act wal-mart guitar sound good.

I don't like that the Ovation has the plastic round back (they say it is better) Most Dean guitars seem to be saying "I'm compensating for something...guess what!?"

In short Get a Guild!!
good luck.
21 Jul 2007 20:49 | Quote
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Hmmm. . . I recently got a Babicz Identity Series Spider (It won Guitar World's Gold Award). Sounds great, plays great, and looks killer!!! You can get one for approx. $950 and that includes a nice case. You can check it out on the Babicz website:


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