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Guitar Scale

12 Jul 2007 20:15 | Quote
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Hello everyone. Lovely site! Just adding a suggestion. Could you guys make the guitar scale fretboard up to the 21st or 22nd fret? that would help not just me, but the rest of the community.

The arpeggios go up to 22nd fret i believe.
13 Jul 2007 01:48 | Quote
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there's no need to do that, 'cause the main tone pattern of the scale basically just repaets itself after the 12th fret. So for instance, if u want to know which tones to play on 16th fret just look at the 4th fret on the diagram, for the 17th fret on 5th fret on the diagram and so on.:)
15 Jul 2007 14:17 | Quote
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there is no need for that, but it would make the lead guitarist's life easier. if the arpeggios page goes up to the 22nd fret, then why not scales too? i do do what you're suggesting, calvin, but it's a lot faster if the scales page has all 22 frets for you like on arps. i registered here to post this topic, but i found that it's already posted.

but yeah, still a good site.
15 Jul 2007 14:49 | Quote
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Yeah... then newer guitarists can just look at it and improvise without having to think about it that much.
26 Jul 2007 22:20 | Quote
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please, bump this topic and hope that the admins or the website creator will add this great addition.

since the arpeggio section's fret is all the way to 22nd, it's pretty safe to assume that it shouldn't be that bad if the scale section also goes up to 22nd fret.

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