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Female guitarists

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11 Dec 2011 13:52 | Quote
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yeah, and she didn't have to wear more weight in make up than clothes to make people think she's awesome
2 Jan 2012 01:56 | Quote
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im female....ands im lawling*
2 Jan 2012 07:46 | Quote
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Interesting question, never thought into it before somehow. I mean, the guitarists you guys have shared are awesome! But I can't actually name any hugely famous girl guitarists from the top of my head.

Doesn't 'P!nk' play guitar? She's really well known anyway - although she's really famous for her singing. And I don't think she even plays lead guitar for her stuff - Idk cuz I'm not really a fan. Another big one I can think of is Taylor Swift (man, I REALLY don't like her for the record). But then again, her career in 'country' (*POP*, actually) is only big cuz of her sex appeal.

Anyway, bottom line with the music industry today is the big stuff's built on sex appeal. AND if somethin new isn't 'Chart', a lotta people won't listen to it. It's not what 'everyone's talking about', and it's just so much easier for them to download whatever's getting the most hits on itunes or switch on the radio to hear what's usually only several big hits at a time on a loop. People won't bother so much as explorin enough to see what any REAL and NEW talent is - like some of the girls in these vids. Which is stupid, what with YouTube and all. ANYWAY, in the dirrection I'm going here - haven't you ever noticed that the artists who've made 'chart' lately...seem to get selected by the big record companies for sex appeal - despite little talent? Especially in the case of women. It's not fair. People will pay attention to a fugly guy as long as he has talent (so they should), but if a fugly girl with talent gets out on stage - she's not always noticed enough to get the attention she deserves. A pretty girl with little talent? She gets more than she should.

I even have to admit, I got more attention than I deserved just jamming in my college music dept the other week. People were acting like I was amazing, and I hated it. Truth be told, I started getttin lessons again not long ago, I've been teachin myself for the past 2 years. You can just imagine how 'amazing' I REALLY musta been, right? But hey, cuz people think I'm 'hot' people will tell me otherwise. And should I ever become good enough to make a name for myself - how will I know people are REALLY paying attention to my music? THAT'S what I want. There were better dude guitarists in there jamming not getting so noticed.

This is SO gonna annoy me now...rant over, haha!
2 Jan 2012 13:19 | Quote
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This is quite inspirational. I am going to practise my guitar until I get noticed for it. It will take years and years but it'll be worth it.
Unforunatly, guys seem to have more natural talent than girls at guitar.
2 Jan 2012 15:58 | Quote
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devilchild says:
Unforunatly, guys seem to have more natural talent than girls at guitar.

NO! No way! Don't think like that! (this is your father speaking lol)
Culturally guys might be encouraged more to play and maybe having bigger hands might be a plus but I don't believe they are more musically inclined for a second. Still, I'm glad to see that you are determined. Don't stop until you give us all (guys) a lesson in humility!
2 Jan 2012 16:23 | Quote
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Phip says:
NO! No way! Don't think like that! (this is your father speaking lol)
Culturally guys might be encouraged more to play

I couldn't agree more. Some of the most amazing guitarists I have ever heard are women.
7 Jan 2012 01:45 | Quote
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HEY GUYS! haven't been around lately. mainly because i used to read this site from work, then my work's IT classified this as a... well you get the gist.

i love "girl" guitarists and i love the fact that some 15 year old playing covers is like "whoa totally awesome"... i'm not TRYING to be a ***, but i grew up with kick ass chicks in my music.

again i don't MEAN to be a ***, but, c'mon teen girl covering metalica is the best "female guitarist" example you guys can come up with? that's kind of embarassing. not for female guitarists, but for you.

annie clark is the sheez:

7 Jan 2012 02:41 | Quote
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Oh my... dont get me started.

allright, I dont.

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