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CD player not playing all cds

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8 Oct 2011 12:20 | Quote
Joined: 20 Sep 2009
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I'm trying to listen to some CDs while helping paint the Kitchen, but most of my/my moms CDs aren't working.
For example Audioslave-Revelations, all My RHCP, and all my moms 150 Country CDs but one won't play, but Audioslave-Audioslave and all my Rammstein Work.

I've tried cleaning the disks, using laser lens cleaner on the player, but the disks either don't play, or skip every 1/2 second.

I looked on google, but all it says Is not to use Burned/Rewritable disks, only original; but these all are original, and the one my mom has that works is on a rewritable disk.

Anyone know what to do besides get a new player? It's an Audiovox under the counter CD/Radio with no discernable model number
8 Oct 2011 19:48 | Quote
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Get a new player,they are cheap as hell nowadays bro.
8 Oct 2011 20:13 | Quote
Joined: 22 Mar 2011
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^^I second that.^^ I give you props Domigan_Lefty for still listening to CDs.
9 Oct 2011 04:01 | Quote
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I'd give you mine, but I am way too attached. I had a Walkman cassette player, a Walkman CD player and finally last year, I bought a Walkman MP3 player.

Buy a Walkman (Discman) totally worth it.

Rock on!

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