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LINE6 SPIDER II if you own one look here!

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9 Jul 2007 09:50 | Quote
United Kingdom
Posts: 99
could anyone tell how to make aa violin sound with the is amp??? or as close as possible to it! cheers!
20 Jul 2007 14:07 | Quote
Posts: 2
I own a spider, three, and to make that sound i'd try messing around with tremolo and a lot of reverb, though if you turn up the reverb too high it sometimes sounds shitty because its digital. Also maker it sound full by turning up the bass.
20 Jul 2007 14:10 | Quote
United Kingdom
Posts: 99
cheers dude ill give it a shot... im trying to get the same (sameish) sound as in the song rebithing by skillet...

8 Dec 2007 13:41 | Quote
United States
Posts: 34
I have a spider II and III I have not been able to get the sound from the spider II. I use a slow attack on the FX processors like GNX4 or POD XT live.

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