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Ragtime Guitar

5 Apr 2011 12:03 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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Does anyone have any insight on how to play stuff like this?

5 Apr 2011 12:15 | Quote
Joined: 03 Sep 2010
United States
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nope...cant listen to.the vid phone srry
5 Apr 2011 12:16 | Quote
Joined: 05 Jun 2010
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Fingerpick your ass off. I use the hybrid technique. It works fine i think. Ragtime guitar is the coolest thing ive ever found out about. This seems a little harder than what i can do. I bought some blind blake sheet music a few months ago and love it. YOu should start with something a little easier than the video you posted.

5 Apr 2011 12:20 | Quote
Joined: 14 Dec 2009
United States
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Holy crap, that is some amazing playing, thanks for sharing! But no, I have no idea how to play anything like that, sorry.

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