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Help Save Internet Tabs!

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19 Dec 2005 14:34 | Quote
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The music industry is threatning to sue owners of internet tab sites, so please sign this petition to help put a stop to the madness:
Here is a way to help save the music industry from taking away internet tabs. This was posted by a guy who is a moderater on tab forum:

I've used a list of MPA members to send an individual email to every member company stating my intent to boycott their publications and tell my peers to do the same.

This took me over an hour to do. I don't think everyone is willing to spend an hour doing what I just did, so to help I took all the emails and put them together into a block that can be pasted into the address field of an email. This way everyone can send a message to all of the MPA members (with a few exceptions because of lack of address or faulty address).

All you have to do is write that because of the MPA's decision to file suit against sites that host interpretations of musical scores (don't say tabs, because some of these companies don't do guitar books, just classical and such) you will no longer be buying any published materials from the companies who make up the MPA and will be telling everyone you know to follow suit.

Remember, the MPA is like a corporation, and the individual publishers are like stock holders. If we can convince 51% of the individual publishers that this move is going to hurt their sales the MPA as a whole doesn't have the backing to continue this legal action.

Here's the list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For more information on our campaign, visit our Official site:
5 Jul 2007 06:05 | Quote
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5 Jul 2007 12:48 | Quote
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this smells like a hoax:D , well get enough tabs and tabbooks to keep me safe for a few years:D
6 Jul 2007 02:46 | Quote
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well yeah xD btw who needs tabs, seriously go to the music library and get yourself a tab-book if you neccecarily needs tabs ^_^

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