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finding it hard to go from acoustic to electric

11 Mar 2011 09:17 | Quote
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Did anyone else find that going from acoustic guitar to electric is not easy.... Some tips please... or am I just crazy.
11 Mar 2011 09:53 | Quote
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I have started with electric, but recently I moved to practise more and more to acoustic or clean, and guess what :D... I find it as hard this way... its matter of moving out of your comfort zone, nothing else... If you can keep the beat when playing acoustic, I believe that after little time, you can play electric as well... ofcourse like in acoustic also electric have different styles that some are harder than others depends what style or do you want.

11 Mar 2011 09:57 | Quote
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The hardest thing I have is the string tension. I'm so used to a certain amount of pressure that I need to use to play a note, whereas on the electric it is quite less. And because of this difference, I have a tendency to miss/overaccent notes on an electric.

As well, I just don't get the same vibe I get from an electric, so I don't play it :)
11 Mar 2011 11:22 | Quote
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I like to practice on a variety of different guitars. Bass, nylon string acoustc and electric. That way when i go from one to the other its not too awekward.
11 Mar 2011 12:21 | Quote
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I never found it to be difficult with that change. It got easier for me with less string tension. Going from my V to a nice(like really nice) acoustic isn't much of a change for me either. if the guitars are set up well, they can play just as nice as an electric that's set up well.
11 Mar 2011 14:51 | Quote
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I use the lightest strings possible on my acoustic, so it's not that different. It's all in setting them up right, and like Case mentioned, quality. Like, a Martin or Guild acoustic will probably hold up and play better than say, a little Squier starter acoustic, etc. Plus, the fret access is way different, but that goes without saying.
12 Mar 2011 16:22 | Quote
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I had been playing acoustic for 4 or 5 years when i picked up my first electric and it is a big change. it just takes time to get used to.

some tips:

make sure your electric guitar is setup well (a poor setup will make it much more difficult)

put your amp on a clean setting when your starting out; get a feel for the
dry sound before you start using distortion/effects.

practice some of the methods you use on acoustic on the electric adjusting
the pressure of the fretting hand and the power of the picking/strumming hand until it sounds right to your ear.

dont feel dislocated from your sound (its still coming from your fingers even if the amp is on the other side of the room)

most importantly do not be afraid to sound terrible before you sound good.

and of course enjoy yourself.
14 Mar 2011 11:26 | Quote
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Thanks... I will just keep at it.... I will post a pic of my new electric soon..
4 Sep 2014 05:33 | Quote
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Hard in what way?
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If The Bob can do it, you can do it.

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