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20 May 2007 18:51 | Quote
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whats the best first step in getting a better sound than on a cassett player 4 guitar.I want to layer music better e.g soloing over chords at the moment im using 2 cassett players but i want a better sound. With them its rather tinny i want a better live sound recording.Is the headrush 2 loop player a good investment idea? im not very computer savi so any help would be very helpful thanks...
21 May 2007 09:59 | Quote
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try the Boss RC-2.. i have it and i think its really great.. you can create a loop and just solo over it. you can also overdub your pre-recorded loop. so its really nice.
21 May 2007 19:40 | Quote
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thanks zmazz i will take a look
8 Dec 2007 14:32 | Quote
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I have a couple of them but the Korg D4 is the most easiest to use for beginners I would think. It is a four track but records to a compact flash card and has built in fx's and cabnit slimitor. It can hook up to the computer via the usb cord and you can save your music on there. It can also convort your music to wav or mp2 format. I also use a GNX4 and a Zoom 1608CD. I have two computer ones but they do get more into controls and harder to use. (PRO Tools and Trachion 3) Boss makes a cheap 8 track but I have not used it. Zoom also makes a cheaper model the H4 is around 270 now. This unit is small and compact it is a 4 track record and has built in FX's also. I have used this one and did like it. It was easy to use and very good little recorder.
10 Dec 2007 17:46 | Quote
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theres this program... Acid pro look t in the web, it must be somewhere 4 free.. these has helped me a lot
you suppossed 2 record instrruments 1 by 1 and then mix em together in different format like mp3 (its not the only format).
a friend o mine has his own almost professional studio... and the recordings i have done on my computer are comparable.... you can publish ur things there(i have never tried it)
need help gimme a call... im not exagerating
check out my friends band
sweet sound
13 Dec 2007 17:23 | Quote
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If you have a Mac, use it(should have came with Garageband VERY user friendly). If you have a PC, search for free mixing app.

Your computer is a great way to get started because there is so much you can do with cheap equipment.

I'd suggest you get a 1/8 in to USB adapter (i.e. iMic), and use that to record single tracks at a time. If you plan to record with multiple mics, pick up a small mixer (6 inputs for drums, possibly more depending on your budget), this can then hook up to your iMic and record multiple Analog tracks onto A digital track. There are multi-track hardware for computers but that's going into the hundreds to thousands.

Lastly, get a good pair of headphones or monitors. You'll never get good sound if you can't even mix/master it right.

If anything, try and find analog equipment to work with your tape, or upgrade to reel to reel.

Best of luck.
17 Dec 2007 05:02 | Quote
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i'm new here and been wanting to record some on my laptop so i can loop back to it and hear myself and mix some basic stuff up.

i got this one for free the other day and am starting to play with it. all you need is a microphone for your computer.

you lay the track for chords, solo's, drumbeats, bass, everything then layer it all together into a song or a jamfest.

seems pretty easy so far.
18 Dec 2007 18:08 | Quote
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I was just browsing for a voice recorder the zoom h4 that I wanted is out of my price range of about 100$.I wanted to know if anyone has used a tascam or 4 track tape recorder.Which is better tape or digital?
18 Dec 2007 20:59 | Quote
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league says:
Which is better tape or digital?

Digital, unless you are using Reel to Reel (the extra large looking tape on reels), I have yet to hear a decent "compact cassette" or tape, but reel to reel is the amazing analog that, in many audiophile's opinions, analog (Reel to Reel, LPs...) is the better, warmer and truer sounding of the two mediums.
If you already have a computer, you can get cheap adapters (iMic) although it only uses one input. To use multiple tracks to record simultaneously, look at my post above.

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