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What amp(s) do you have?

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17 May 2007 01:02 | Quote
United States
Posts: 22
I was thinking that if we're all gonna share our guitars that we should also share our amps! Lets not forget they're a vital part of the instrument to for electric players (and even acoustic players nowadays).

So share your amp! Tell us what sounds you can get on it and how much you heart it :). Or hate it.

I have a Line 6 Spider 3. Its an awesome medium-sized amp for small gigs and such and of coruse can be hooked up to a PA or miked for bigger sound. Its got 300 presets which would take a lifetime to master and they're all adjustable. It cost me around 320 but hey it was worth it.

So what do you have? :)
17 May 2007 11:01 | Quote
United Kingdom
Posts: 99
i have a rubbish yamaha thing its so old the model has rubbed off but i think its a 25w. But now i got a line6 Spider II 75w lush!!!!!

17 May 2007 12:35 | Quote
United States
Posts: 94
AD15VT for me. Love it! Nice celan tone and not so bad distorted but i mainly use my DS-1 for distortion though.. it gives me that classic crunch which i really love in my playing.
19 May 2007 09:39 | Quote
Puerto Rico
Posts: 20
I have a home made amp and for me sounds great with my x-vamp and delivers 100 watts rmsnot bad for home made.
8 Dec 2007 14:59 | Quote
United States
Posts: 34
I have a fender deluxe, Line 6 spider III, Crate power block, Fender G dec (which my son uses more then I do).
8 Dec 2007 20:04 | Quote
Joined: 25 Jul 2007
United States
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i got a carvin 2x-200c and a treynor ts-75 but i took out the preamp so its just a cabinet now...

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