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Guitar pedal suggestions

Instruments and Gear
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20 Feb 2011 23:16 | Quote
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It's fun to mess around with no mids for a few minutes, but they are definitely the "bedroom rocker" settings--it's a very generic sound, no matter to the gear.
21 Feb 2011 00:40 | Quote
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there's an electro harmonics pedal thats a power boost. It's pretty cheap too, especially used. EH pedals can be noisy to record though.
21 Feb 2011 00:54 | Quote
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Actaully im looking for something that would clear out any unwanted distortion. Not a noise gate. I get no noise when i dont play.

@AlexB Would that BBE sonic stomp mabye do the trick.
21 Feb 2011 01:23 | Quote
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If you run it like this:

guitar - BBE - MultiFX

Then the sound entering the multiFX will be corrected,but it might get distorted after the FX

if you put it after the MultiFX,the sound will be better
21 Feb 2011 02:32 | Quote
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Awesome. So you think its a better bet than a eq to clear any distortion?
21 Feb 2011 04:58 | Quote
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Before we go further into overpriced pedal discussion.

Have you tried a pack of fresh strings?
21 Feb 2011 06:03 | Quote
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yes... i jsut want to better up me sound quality
21 Feb 2011 12:19 | Quote
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I agree with AlexB about the EQ and I have also heard great things about the BBE Sonic Stomp and they're also pretty cheap used. I can give you a little tip about EQ'ing. I've been gigging live every week for about a year and the one thing I've learned is that you cannot always have the EQ where you want it. I personally love the really I can get rich sounds I can get when I turn up the bass on my amp and use the neck pickup. But if I did that in a full band live situation I would be completely lost in the mix (unless you want to be lost). To sum it up, whenever I play live I have to crank the mids and the treble more than would usually prefer. But that is just my experience live. I cannot speak about studio work.
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