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Corny songs that you like that are embarrasing

Music and Bands
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20 Feb 2011 09:33 | Quote
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This is nothing to actually be ashamed of.

1 Mar 2011 22:40 | Quote
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I'm not really embarassed by liking these songs, but they are songs most people would laugh at me for enjoying. Anyways, here goes:

If there were more singers like Sarah McLachlin, pop wouldn't suck. Talented musician, artistic, and a voice like an angel, WOW!

Sade, amazing. Deftones do a phenomenal cover of this song.

I like very few rap groups, but R&B is a different story, these cats can sing! John Legend is the man.

1 Mar 2011 23:26 | Quote
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This is actually pretty cool. I just wanted to post it.
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