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nice sound

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15 May 2007 19:18 | Quote
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of late ive been trying a new technique 4 me, i was watching a few stevie ray vaugan clips and noticed him picking notes with a pick way up from the sound hole where i used to strum and pick from always but now i pick and strum near the start of the fret board and get a nice echo sound and nicer tone anyone no the name 4 this style of playing?.thanks
16 May 2007 12:07 | Quote
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Yup, when you pick notes on the fretboard its called "tasto", and when you pick them by the bridge its called "ponti". That's the Italian name for it anyway. I do that technique quite a bit. It has a similar effect to changing the pickup - playing near the bridge gives a really bright cutting tone, just like the bridge pickup, whereas picking further up the neck gives a deeper, fuller sound.
16 May 2007 13:00 | Quote
Joined: way back
thanks i love it for solos on acoustic as you said"deeper and fuller sound i feel hendrix used this method alot on little wing especially.

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