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Piezo pickups on an electric guitar

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8 May 2007 14:19 | Quote
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Hey folks, 'tis me.
As some of you may know from reading previous posts I am going to be building my own electric guitar in the summer. I came across the following video on youtube the other day:

(I am not in any way a fan of Limp Bizkit BTW)
If you watch the video Wes Borland demonstrates the piezo pickups he has had installed in his seven string Ibanez. I love how well they replicate the acoustic sound, and thought it would be really cool to put them on mine. Does anyone know how easy this would be? Do piezos specifically for electric actually exist for general purchase? Any idea where I could get them? Price? Anyone who knows anything about it please do tell!

Thanks muchly,
10 May 2007 13:56 | Quote
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That's an intriguing video. Borland is an interesting guitarist I think. I'm not a fan of Limp Bizkit (99.9% because of Fred Durst lol), but some of Borlands riffs are really unusual, such as the tapped riff in "Sour" from LB's first album. He did a series of Guest Lessons for the mag Total Guitar over here in the UK about a year ago, and he gave examples of tapping riffs (to create a keyboard like sound) and slapping the low E string, amongst other ideas. One of their newer songs ("The Truth") sounds quite a bit like Rage Against The Machine I think, although not as good and without much of the funk. I heard it on the radio and i commented to my friend that I thought it was a pretty song, and then I found out who it was by! :P It's a shame LB is fronted by one of the worst frontmen and lyricists ever.

I'm not sure about where you could get piezo pickups for an electric guitar, or even if they are commecially available. I guess emailing and ringing up shops to ask for their advice wouldnt be a bad idea...

Hope all goes well with the project.
10 May 2007 17:23 | Quote
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check if i'm not mistaken i saw a piezo setup designed for a stratocaster :

perhaps it can be modified to work with the guitar you're building. hope this helps

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