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I hate Jesus

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17 Jan 2011 07:20 | Quote
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Empirism says:
And I think poster should not banned, he have to be right to his own opinions and right to do mistakes... like we all do.

Emp, I think most people that want him banned don't want him banned for his beliefs. I can at least speak for myself when I say it is because his post had no intention other than to try and rile people up and start trouble, THAT is why I want him gone. I don't want people on this site causing trouble on purpose.
17 Jan 2011 08:07 | Quote
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Why is this site becoming such a joke lately?
This is a guitar forum, not a rant about other peoples opinions forum.
If someone doesn't believe or like something, that's their opinion, you don't need to know every detail about it
17 Jan 2011 09:21 | Quote
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agreed, but I don't believe that this is the best environment for discuussions about such topics.
Let's just move on...
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