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What bands?

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3 May 2007 12:11 | Quote
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I am new to guitar... what band do you suggest that i should learn to play. I only have an acoustic guitar. Any help would be great Thanks.
3 May 2007 16:40 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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hi welcome to the forum,

I guess it depends on what music you are into. Its worthwhile learning the 3 primary chords though. For example, in the key of Amaj they are Amaj, Dmaj and Emaj. When you can play these chords, you can play loads of old songs that are based on only those 3 chords. check out the "guitar chords" tool at the top of the page, and choose beginner on the "All Chords" drop down menu so you only have the really basic chords.

A lot of bands' material will probably be far to hard for you to play at first, which is likely to put you off playing. Buy a book about learning the guitar if you can. They are normally about 15 with a CD or a DVD, and it'll provide you with a structured, progressive way of learning.

If you tell us what music you listen to, then we can give you hints as to what bands would be useful to listen to and play.

hope this helps, chris
3 May 2007 19:30 | Quote
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i just i am in to DMB style music is that good for me to learn or go after something easier
4 May 2007 03:40 | Quote
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DMB as in Dave Matthews Band?
4 May 2007 15:09 | Quote
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yeh dave matthews band

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