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21 Apr 2007 15:01 | Quote
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Hi all,
I'm looking at doing my own guitar project in the summer, and am currently researching everything I can on the subject. However, the electronics part puzzles me. I mean REALLY puzzles me. I know absolutely NOTHING about electronics or circuits, and all of the websites I have come across so far just throw loads of technical jargon at me which makes it that much more confusing. Does anyone know of any sites that explain the basics to beginners, or even anyone here know anything about it. I really know nothing, so I need to start from the absolute beginning.

Thanks muchly,
22 Apr 2007 03:19 | Quote
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Well I don't think I can help u out of this myself, but I think it would be better if you let someone that u know explain this to u. The reason for that is, someone that u know (family, friends, teachers) will explain that very clear and after u make a question u don't have to wait for days for an abswer from someone from the web that may be bullsh*t anyway.

And don't forget how it looks like in the end - ur guitar. I'm sure everybody here wants to know.
Good luck with that.

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