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22 Nov 2010 05:41 | Quote
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can you tell me guys some band that plays only rhythm guitar,drums and bass or just a rhythm bands?.. I just wanna jam and use my skills in soloing where i can play together with..please give me a lists of some.thanks for help.
22 Nov 2010 13:31 | Quote
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Just about any punk band ought to fit that description. Or check out, Guitar Tricks. That should help you out a bit.

Rock on!
22 Nov 2010 15:50 | Quote
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If you just want backing tracks with no leads try this..

It has cover tracks and generic jam tracks.
23 Nov 2010 06:34 | Quote
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yeah..backing jam track..
23 Nov 2010 07:54 | Quote
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29 Nov 2010 12:47 | Quote
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i would not listen to a band that only played rhythm. i don't think such a thing actually exists --- all music also has a melody. granted, sometimes that melody comes from singing, but it's still a melody over a rhythm. and it would be hard to "jam" with someone singing in the background i would think...

but seriously there is a "jam" feature on this website, check that out. you program a chord progression in there and it just sort of plays the progression and you can jam with it.

and for the record, punk music isn't all power chords. they all have melodies, lead guitar, and solos.
29 Nov 2010 14:01 | Quote
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The best rhythm band I know is me. Record yourself playing rhythm, loop it, and jam away :)

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